We are an organic farm in the process of becoming USDA Certified, and MOFGA (Maine Organic Farms and Garden Association) members. We have a and general farm store, with food production on the farm including growing produce, herbs and livestock. We sell locally sourced and lab-tested hemp-derived CBD products.

We are a licensed caregiver, and serve medical marijuana patients in a separate office not in view of the public and equipped with video surveillance and alarms.

The founder

I had been working in the food and beverage industry for over 30yrs. I grew up riding horses and being around farms. The two combined is what has given me a passion for Healing Tree Farm. I had only used Cannabis recreationally on occasion in college and shortly after until one day when I had fallen, shattered my ankle and sprained the other ankle causing me to have a 6 inch plate and 7 screws then being bed ridden for almost 6 months. I was given infused chocolates which I took every 4-6 hours replacing the need for any pills. That is what drove me to learn everything I could about Cannabis and its cannabinoids. I want to be able to help others not need pills or pharmaceuticals. We believe in “A Healthy Way to Heal” thru full plant based medicines.

What we do

We raise our own free range chickens for eggs. We will be getting other livestock for meat and we grow our own organic produce. We cultivate organically and all of our products are third-party lab-tested from a Massachusetts or Maine-licensed lab, ”We firmly believe in transparency, healthy, clean plant medicine, and giving back to our local community.” 

Soon we will be receiving a Food Establishment License from the Department of Forestry and  Agriculture for a manufacturing kitchen where will make the organic food products and CBD dog treats, which are currently sold in eight stores in other states.

The kitchen will be in the smaller barn on the property. Our Medical Marijuana cultivation area is located in a separately partitioned area of land. We hope to soon apply for a Tier III Adult Use Cultivation license. Once that is acquired we will be erecting a 40’x80’ cold weather greenhouse for cultivation. The harvested material would be for caregivers, caregiver shops, adult use shops and licensed extractors.